Roofs of Venice

In Venice our eyes are drawn to the canals, the fascinating Gondolas and the narrow, winding streets. But let’s not forget to look up, as well. Here’s a small collection of the Venetian roofs.

Roofs of Madrid

On a spontaneous trip to Madrid I wandered around to take in the city and here’s what I found.

Explore Denmark by car

Denmark means always standing on the beach with one foot and in the forest with the other.

Dubai’s Desert

As I stood in the warm sand with naked feet and looked through the lens of my camera, I couldn’t grasp the unbelievable landscape in front of me


About 3400 inhabitants, no phone connection and no internet


Just Romeo and Juliet?


I think I’ve established that I really like Hamburg. The reason today: The botanical garden


That little town, that I just keep coming back to