Just two weeks ago I was racing back and forth in Verona, my camera practically burning, SD-cards changed over and over again while I try not to make any spelling mistakes or lose my phone on the ground while tweeting about what’s around me. Now I am sitting on a rock in the middle of the mediterranean, writing this text with pen and paper, so I can type it  up as soon as I’m back to computers and chaos. The little blue notebook I’m writing in hasn’t been used for way too long, I realize now.

Two bus rides. A three-hour flight. Another bus ride and a short ferry trip and we have finally arrived on this little piece of paradise that is Favignana. Favignana is one of the Aegadien Islands in southern Italy. About 3400 inhabitants, no phone connection, no internet connection. Just turquois water, colorful fish and little blue boats. I had gotten so used to writing, tweeting and posting, wishing to share the beautiful places in this world with everyone else out there, that I’d almost forgotten how great it is to let all the impressions of a new place sink in and have… time. That time was used to explore the island. We climbed the rocks by the coast and discovered the most beautiful bays and grottos. We spent hours skin-diving and saw all kinds of fish in different colors and shapes – we even spotted an octopus and a moraine. Getting around by bike we bumped into some donkeys, horses and cows, too. The rest of the time we ate – it is Sicily after all.  Aside from one little town center that included two supermarkets, several souvenir-shops and restaurants, most of the island remained untouched and walking around it felt like being in a different, farless modern world. After fully enjoying that offline-time I now present to you: Favignana – a paradise in pictures.

Unser GartenCala von obenGrotteWasser GlasklarEidechse und KaktusMove in der Mitte NeuFelsen mit LochKleiner SwimmingpoolKaktus und FischernetzMuschel in HandBlaue Tur NeuEselWasser Fels BrausFischerBlaue BooteLicht und Sprudelwasser

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