I’m sure many of you have foreign coins lying around, which you kept as a souvenir from one of your travels. Unfortunately, they usually end up in a drawer somewhere, destined to be forgotten. At least, that’s how it is for me. But then I stumbled upon this really quick and simple DIY-project online (you have got to love Pinterest, the inspiration machine). The project puts your foreign coins to good use and on display in your travel-themed home. I tried it out and, of course, wanted to share it with you.


You will need:
foreign currency coins* glue* round magnets*

Make sure to spread out a newspaper on your table so you don’t ruin it with the glue. Then glue the non-magnetic side of the magnet to the coin, let it dry and repeat.

coins kleben

And that’s it! Your currency-coin-magnets are done and ready to be used on pin boards, fridges etc.


Have fun crafting and of course
Happy Travels

2 Responses

  1. Oh, that’s really cool and simple. Neele and I have brought back some coins we haven’t used from Denmark, Sweden ad Norway and didn’t know what to do with them besides leaving them in the drawer. I will try to do this, thanks for the tip.

    p.s: I’m liking the new layout of the site. 😉


    1. That’s great, Maha! I’m glad to hear that the post was useful to you and that you like the new layout. It’s always lovely to get that kind of feedback.

      The Scandinavian coins are fantastic – so different! Happy crafting to you two 🙂


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