As some of you might know, spring ist my favourite time of the year. It’s easier to get up in the morning, evenings are longer, the winter jacket we’ve been wearing overtime can finally be buried somewhere under the bed and there are plenty of holidays that allow city trips to places where spring is almost summer. But spring is beautiful everywhere and you don’t need to go far to enjoy it. I went to three places close to home to capture 10 sights of spring…



Hamburg is a beautiful place to be. Big enough to hold everything you might desire and small enough to bump into someone you know at the supermarket. Even though it’s a modern city full of students and business (wo)men it offers plenty of green spaces and waterbodies. All that is accompanied by the  typical “Hamburger Schietwetter” (rainy, grey, windy and rather cold), which makes you feel like you’re traveling the world everytime the sun comes out, because you’ll notice beauty in places you passed by a million times but that only really start shining on those wonderful, rare, sunny days in spring.



Flensburg, like Hamburg, is a seaport. But it’s much smaller and right at the border to Denmark, which makes it basically bilingual and multicultural. It holds heaps of little cafés, restaurants and pubs and is full of little colored houses right by the water. The weather is something for real seamen and as soon as the sun comes out, the port shines in all it’s sweet little northern glory.


Åbenrå (Denmark)

Ah… Denmark. I love you! Animals, nature and happy humans. Everytime I’m home I wonder why I left.

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