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Perspective Stockholm

The lovely Malina from Germany tells us how she feels about Stockholm, her home of choice, and gives us her perspective on the beautiful Swedish capital.

What’s Happening On Kimkab?

News news news! Check the video to hear what’s going on on

Explore Hamburg: Testing A New City Tour

Looking for a city tour to discover Hamburg? I tested the new Alterways photo tours and here’s what I think.

Perspective Hamburg

I wonder what it feels like to come from a place as huge as São Paulo to our windy little northern Germany? Roberto knows – and shares his perspective with us.

Useful when Traveling with Food Allergies: Foodcards

As a lactose-intolerant traveller, I found the concept of the Foodcards quite interesting. Here’s what I found out while testing them on my travels.

Autumn in Hamburg

Let me show you how gorgeous autumn can be


I think I’ve established that I really like Hamburg. The reason today: The botanical garden

Spring in the North

Hamburg, Flensburg, Åbenrå


Die Geschichte einer Herkunft, einer Ankunft und einem zu Hause.

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