The peninsula Djursland on the Danish East Coast is one of the best holiday destinations in the entire country.

But when going to Denmark, many visitors make the mistake of only visiting Copenhagen and then heading back home to check our little country off on their bucket lists.

And they have no idea just how many other amazing places they’re actually missing out on.

Copenhagen is a wonderful city and well worth a visit – but if you really want to experience Denmark, you need to venture out and discover its cities as well as its beautiful nature.

Djursland is the perfect destination for doing just that.

The peninsula is said to have over 100 little beaches and bays and they’re combined with a remarkably hilly landscape for Danish standards. Aside from that, there are beautiful little towns and cities to discover.

This is what makes Djursland such an amazing holiday destination – it’s extremly varied, and even though it sounds like just another travel article truism, it really does have something in store for everybody.

See it for yourself in this video I made for Campaya and get inspired to visit the peninsula on Denmark’s East coast.

Want more detailed information about the places you see in the video? Here you go: The best sights and activities on Djursland. 

Happy Travels!

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