You know how some days – no matter how hard you concentrate – you can’t manage to think a single thought that actually makes sense? Well, I love those days. They’re full of ideas that are so ridiculously over the top, they might just become something real. You know, just to prove probability wrong and kick rational reason’s butt.

I am sure that I’ll travel the world. I know that my inner peace is somewhere on the road, somewhere in between. But today I go even higher. Today I’m convinced that I’ll actually manage to make a living of my adventures. That some aliens out there might just be the tiniest bit interested in the stories I have to tell. And hopefully the stories, that fascinating people from all over the world will let me be a part of. Today my mind lets me be absolutely certain about these “someday-plans” and lets me enjoy the inspiration, the millions and millions of crazy, irrational and mind blowingly awesome ideas that are tap dancing all over my mental creative chaos this moment:

Live in Verona for a month and capture it all in pictures, write a story while sitting in a cute little café in Rome, walk the streets of Paris’ in colorful high heels, teach languages to children in Africa. See dolphins in Florida and Koalas in Australia. Learn how to surf in California and to survive in absolute nature in Canada. Visit Nepal and understand the depths of Buddhism, ride on a camel through the deserts of Egypt, dance reggae in Jamaica and salsa in Cuba. Learn Spanish while traveling through Spain and then move to Portugal for no reason at all. Snowboard in the Alps until able to take whatever slope is ahead without fear, river raft in New Zealand, become famous in New York and get lost in Shang Hai while remembering a trip to Sardegna, where I happened to fall in love with a little house right by the water – and then go back to Denmark, just because I can…

Now who wouldn’t want to hear about that?!

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  1. I’d definitely love to hear about those stories! – and maybe get some postcards? 😉
    Great blog! xx

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