”If you could go anywhere you want this weekend, where would you go?”

It’s funny. Usually, I immediately and exactly know how to answer that question. Sometimes it’s Verona. Sometimes it’s California. Every now and again it’s Australia.

And sometimes, I find myself so ridiculously happy in the exact moment I’m in, that I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

But when I read that question in a post this morning, my mind just went blank.

You see…

I feel like I should go somewhere. It seems the restlessness inside of me wants to force me to run somewhere.

But I can’t think of a place that would feel right.

Thrown by the fact that everywhere wasn’t my automatic answer – and feeling a bit betrayed by my inner adventurer – I put down the computer.

But my thoughts kept circling around this question: Why do I not know where to go?

Only hours later did it occur to me, that I have been trying to cross my own lines.

DO NOT travel to run away from something.

Travel towards something.

Travel to get closer to what you want. Or who you want.

Travel for the journey itself.

DO NOT travel to run away.

(Because whatever it is you’re running from, is probably still going to be there when you get back)

That is why, right now, I don’t know where to go.

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