Words and visuals with an international twist

On the Streets of Florence #3

About restless souls and why I love it too much to come home just yet.

On the Streets of Florence #2

About an unusual encounter and a lesson to listen to the friends we don’t know yet.

On the Streets of Florence #1

About moving to a new country and being in the right place at the right time.

Video: The Gorgeous Peninsula Djursland in Denmark

Why this is one of the best holiday destinations in the entire country.

The Most Important Thing When Travelling Solo or Moving Abroad

Hands-on tips on how to make friends when travelling solo or moving abroad.

Home Is a State of Mind (Visual Poetry)

Home is not a place, but a state of mind. It is something you carry with you wherever you go.

How To Deal With Anxiety (Visual Poetry)

A short visual poem about anxiety and how to find a sense of safety and calm within ourselves.

Video: Alicante Travel Vlog + why you should travel more often

Sometimes we just need a little bit of adventure. Here’s why I think that a change of scenery can be priceless at times.

My Travels in 2017

Maybe my past trips could inspire your future trips?

Video: Exploring Verona Like a Local

Have you ever looked beyond the tale of Romeo of Juliet? Watch this video for local inside tips on Verona.

Video: Active Holiday at Lake Garda

Going to Lake Garda? If you like to spice up your holiday with a little bit of adventure, check out this video and get inspired to go canyoning, mountain biking, hiking and more.

Video: Climbing in El Chorro, Spain

Why climbing is such an awesome sport and a fantastic way to travel.

7 Great Lunch Places in Aarhus, Denmark

Tired of spending too much money at mediocre restaurants? Here’s an (incomplete) list of my favorite lunch places in Aarhus.

What I Spend Money on When Traveling Solo

When it comes to spending while traveling, there is no right or wrong. It’s all about preferences and priorities. Here’s what I chose to spend and save on when on the road.

How Not to Kill Each Other on a 16 Hour Road Trip

Ever been stuck in a car with someone for 16 hours? Here’s your survival guide.

Summer in the Dolomites

In pictures: the stunning views around the Cinque Torri in the Dolomites.

Why I Travel Solo

Why I chose to travel solo over and over again.

Tips For an Active Holiday at the Italian Riviera

Tired of the lazy all-inclusive beach holiday? Here’s 7 tips for an exciting holiday at the Italian Riviera.

What To Do In Milan, Italy

My tips for a short trip to Milan.

Perspective Stockholm

The lovely Malina from Germany tells us how she feels about Stockholm, her home of choice, and gives us her perspective on the beautiful Swedish capital.

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