Hello Tuscany. 

A home for one please. 

Just until I get back on my feet. 

And who knows. Maybe I’ll come home and feel a little more like me. 

Distance makes you see things differently. 

Perspective, they call it. But it was much more for me. 

I somehow found stability by changing everything I know. 

Tiptoeing on walls of medieval towns reminded me how to stay balanced.

On train rides from Arezzo to Florence to Rome I realized wherever I go I’ll always find home. 

My soul may be restless but my roots run deep. 

And suddenly when the cypress trees swayed in the winter storm

the wind whispered to me: “It’s time to move on. You’re safe now, child”. 

And when I closed the door to my sanctuary, 

I learned that everything I found there was actually in me. 


Filmed and edited by Kimkab on Lumix Gh5 + iPhone 8

Edited with Final Cut Pro X  

Music by Michael FK – Purify 

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  1. I am out of words for this beautiful visual poem. The words so soothing and the visuals so mesmerising. I got nostalgic during watching the visuals and listening to the words. Nostalgic about the place, I have never been to. I found tranquillity in Tuscany – A Visual Poem. Keep up the great work!

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