Every morning when I wake up I have a new life philosophy, new plans and most importantly a new place in mind that I absolutely want to go to. Travelers often suffer from enjoy this condition I like to call Best-Place-Scenario, where the symptoms are dreaming about absurdly amazing places and being in just the right stage between asleep and awake to be absolutely sure that when you wake up tomorrow you’ll be in exactly that place – and it will be great. Whatever place comes to mind when you wake up during the night or early in the morning, is the Best-Place-Scenario. I started collecting these Best-Place-Scenarios as a list of places I want to live in at some point in my life and I just added a new one. Only this time I wasn’t sleeping. And I wasn’t going to go there someday. I was already there.


 I arrived early on a monday morning and walked past castles, bridges and beautiful apartments. The city was still asleep but the river that floats through the entire city and gives purpose to all the characteristic bridges was wide awake. On the top of small hills my eyes where caught by intriguing castles and unique churches, while charming little bars started opening around and people started waking up and passing by me. The thought of getting to stay in this lovely place for several weeks made me ridiculously happy.

Congratulations, Verona. You are the recent Best Place Scenario.

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