Whilst standing on the Ponte Visconteo (Visconteo Bridge) and looking down upon Borghetto it is almost possible to see everything the village contains in just one glance. Borghetto translates literally to mean “small village” and belongs to the community of Valeggio sul Mincio, which has just a little over 14.700 inhabitants and is located about 25km southwest of Verona. Borghetto lies on both sides of the river Mincio, connected by a wooden bridge that is decorated with pink and white flowers. There’s a certain atmosphere when walking over it, created by the sound of people chatting in numerous nearby restaurants, the water running under the bridge and the swans and birds passing by. The little village is famous for it’s Tortellini, also known as Nodo d’amore (knot of love) – a special sort of pasta that is said to attract up to 4000 people every year during June to dine and celebrate on the Ponte Visconteo. The village’s narrow alleyways are ever accompanied by the sound of the river running past them, with old water mills right next to it. Some of them are still running, others have been transformed into restaurants or cafés. From the Scaliger castle located in the hills over the village, the entire bridge, town and river become visible.

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