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Paris on a budget

September 2010. After two months without seeing each other my two girlfriends and I were sitting together on a comfy couch with a cup of tea, chatting about everything that has happened recently. Halfway through the stories about trips, men and food they told me about their idea to go to Paris – in less than a week – and asked me to join them. Of course I was more than intrigued to go and it had been so long since we’d spent more than just a couple of hours together but I’d just been traveling around Italy for more than two months and was therefore quite broke. So were the girls. But we absolutely wanted to go. So what did we do? We worked our butts of for the next 5-6 days, found a cheap hostel with breakfast included (we figured we’d just make some sandwiches to take with us during the day and find some sort of cheap solution for dinner), spent the rest of our paychecks on plane tickets to Paris and had five wonderful days in beautiful, beautiful Paris with absolutely no regrets.

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