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Every morning when I wake up I have a new life philosophy, new plans and most importantly a new place in mind that I absolutely want to go to


I think I’ve established that I really like Hamburg. The reason today: The botanical garden


That little town, that I just keep coming back to

Plans, Dreams, Destinations

A blank word document, the familiar sound of the laptop that‘s working too hard and a mind that keeps drifting off to places where it‘s not supposed to go


..then one day I found myself walking along the water with naked feet and an open mind, when it dawned on me that this was home.

Spring in the North

Hamburg, Flensburg, Åbenrå

58 hours of inspiration

Getting lost in Brighton

The Beginning

The bittersweet sadness they secretly share is the evidence for the beginning of something extraordinary

Happy Moments

My wish to all of you

Easter in Italy

I had my patience tested whilst making cupcakes for a family easter celebration in Italy

Montagnana by night

La chiesa nella piazza di Montagnana  

Ghost house

An old house I couldn’t not take a picture of

A spontaneous trip to Copenhagen and another little town inside of it

For a danish girl it had been embarrassingly long since I’d been to København (Copenhagen). Somehow other places I hadn’t…

Paris on a budget

September 2010. After two months without seeing each other my two girlfriends and I were sitting together on a comfy…

Travel Quote

“Travel is the only thing you buy, that makes you richer”

Mental creative chaos

About having ideas that are so ridiculously over the top, they might just become something real


Unterwegs ist mein zu Hause


Die Geschichte einer Herkunft, einer Ankunft und einem zu Hause.


Eine andere Welt

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