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Don’t Travel

About traveling for the right reasons and why – only sometimes – travel is not the answer.

Perspective Hamburg

I wonder what it feels like to come from a place as huge as São Paulo to our windy little northern Germany? Roberto knows – and shares his perspective with us.

DIY: Foreign Currency Magnets

DIY: Make your own Currency Magnets for your travel-themed home

Useful when Traveling with Food Allergies: Foodcards

As a lactose-intolerant traveller, I found the concept of the Foodcards quite interesting. Here’s what I found out while testing them on my travels.

DIY: Travel Destination Bottle

Nice home accessory or gift idea: Fill a bottle with all the places you dream of going

Explore Denmark by car

Denmark means always standing on the beach with one foot and in the forest with the other.


2000 kilometers, 10 days and 1 tent

Travelling Solo Without Being Alone

If you like to live the local atmosphere and to explore a place from the inside – this is the way to travel


A city so full of culture and atmosphere that a weekend, without a doubt, isn’t enough to take it all in.

Time off

I reach for my phone to check the time and immediately feel uneasy. E-mails, messages and breaking news.

The Village By The River

Borghetto lies on both sides of the river Mincio, connected by a wooden bridge that is decorated with flowers

Solo or Shared – How Do You Travel on Your Next Trip?

Pros and cons on travelling solo and with friends.

How to travel with food allergies and the like

Having food-intolerances can be a real deal-breaker when travelling. Here are some tips to avoid that

Autumn in Hamburg

Let me show you how gorgeous autumn can be

Skyscrapers in Dubai

Where there are none, they’re being built.

Dubai’s Desert

As I stood in the warm sand with naked feet and looked through the lens of my camera, I couldn’t grasp the unbelievable landscape in front of me


About 3400 inhabitants, no phone connection and no internet


Just Romeo and Juliet?

Roofs of Verona

And the reason why I keep bumping into things


Every morning when I wake up I have a new life philosophy, new plans and most importantly a new place in mind that I absolutely want to go to

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