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Video: The Gorgeous Peninsula Djursland in Denmark

Why this is one of the best holiday destinations in the entire country.

Home Is a State of Mind (Visual Poetry)

Home is not a place, but a state of mind. It is something you carry with you wherever you go.

How To Deal With Anxiety (Visual Poetry)

A short visual poem about anxiety and how to find a sense of safety and calm within ourselves.

Video: Alicante Travel Vlog + why you should travel more often

Sometimes we just need a little bit of adventure. Here’s why I think that a change of scenery can be priceless at times.

My Travels in 2017

Maybe my past trips could inspire your future trips?

Video: Exploring Verona Like a Local

Have you ever looked beyond the tale of Romeo of Juliet? Watch this video for local inside tips on Verona.

Video: Active Holiday at Lake Garda

Going to Lake Garda? If you like to spice up your holiday with a little bit of adventure, check out this video and get inspired to go canyoning, mountain biking, hiking and more.

Perspective Stockholm

The lovely Malina from Germany tells us how she feels about Stockholm, her home of choice, and gives us her perspective on the beautiful Swedish capital.

What’s Happening On Kimkab?

News news news! Check the video to hear what’s going on on

Perspective Hamburg

I wonder what it feels like to come from a place as huge as São Paulo to our windy little northern Germany? Roberto knows – and shares his perspective with us.


2000 kilometers, 10 days and 1 tent

The Village By The River

Borghetto lies on both sides of the river Mincio, connected by a wooden bridge that is decorated with flowers


That little town, that I just keep coming back to

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