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Video: The Gorgeous Peninsula Djursland in Denmark

Why this is one of the best holiday destinations in the entire country.

How To Deal With Anxiety (Visual Poetry)

A short visual poem about anxiety and how to find a sense of safety and calm within ourselves.

7 Great Lunch Places in Aarhus, Denmark

Tired of spending too much money at mediocre restaurants? Here’s an (incomplete) list of my favorite lunch places in Aarhus.

10 Ways To Make Up For A Cancelled Trip

There’s nothing more frustrating than travel plans falling through. Here are ten suggestions on what to do with the time, that you were supposed to spend traveling.

What’s Happening On Kimkab?

News news news! Check the video to hear what’s going on on

Explore Denmark by car

Denmark means always standing on the beach with one foot and in the forest with the other.


2000 kilometers, 10 days and 1 tent

Spring in the North

Hamburg, Flensburg, Åbenrå

For a danish girl it had been embarrassingly long since I’d been to København (Copenhagen). Somehow other places I hadn’t…

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