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Welcome – let me introduce myself. I’m Kim. I’m a young journalist, travel blogger and founder of Kimkab. And I write for everyone interested in what’s
out there.

I am motivated by a constant curiosity about the world and its cultures and fuelled by feeling restless and at home in several places at once. I believe we learn from mistakes and late night conversations and that traveling educates us, inspires us and makes us appreciate both seeing the world and coming home.

On Kimkab I write about solo travel & other adventures and share tips and thoughts that I pick up on my travels, like how to travel solo without being alone.

Being based in Denmark, I mostly travel around Europe. So if you want to know something about exploring Denmark by carsolo traveling in Andalusia or discovering love stories in Verona, you’ve come to the right place.

Traveling on a special diet? I travel gluten and dairy free, so if you’re interested, there’s some advice on how to travel with food allergies, too.

I am all for making the very most of your time, both at home and abroad. Thus, there’ll be the occasional post about active holidays and everyday adventures on Kimkab.

“Make today so awesome,
yesterday gets jealous”

Have you tried something awesome while traveling? Is there something in particular you’d like to know more about regarding gluten and dairy free solo travel? Do you just want to say hi? Great! Connect with Kimkab on TwitterInstagram and Facebook – I’d love to hear from you.

Happy Travels